In my work I focus on the relationship between a man and nature. A philosopher who inspires me is Henryk Skolimowski, the founder of Eco-Philosophy and the author of the concept of perceiving the world as a sanctuary. According to Skolimowski, "by assuming that the world is a sanctuary we gain great respect for nature, for others and for ourselves". In my works I show a holistic, relational approach to the unity of people and nature, and I want to evoke similar feelings in the viewer. I believe that art has the right to evoke emotions, but should respect the sensitivity of the viewer rather than rely on violence. I believe that we can do more for nature by acting in an affirmative way.


I am aware of the fact that overproduction is also present within the field of visual arts, therefore I am looking for alternative ecological solutions. I aim to make my works compostable, and try to use some of them as fertiliser for the soil. In oil painting, I look for ecological pigments, use vegetable solvents instead of turpentine, and use linen rather than cotton canvases. In the future I would like to work on hemp canvases (Konopka materials generate a negative carbon footprint). I have started experimenting with bioplastics as an alternative to epoxy resin, but it is bacterial cellulose that has stolen my heart. It is a natural material that is cheap to produce and fully biodegradable. It is mechanically resistant and resembles animal skin, which is why it is sometimes called vegan leather. During the production of cellulose, I observe how aerobic bacteria breathe and then grow. This contact with a living organism teaches me patience. The effort put into production makes the material more valuable to me and more carefully used.


I am currently gathering a team consisting of a conservator and a microbiologist; I am also looking for a person with a background in organic chemistry. My long-range goal is to create a platform which could be used by artists to learn more about organic art materials.

Graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, currently an assistant lecturer at this faculty. Visual artist, painter, humanist, lover of textures and scents. Member of the ecosystem.

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Rita Müller