I was born in 1998 in Zakopane. I graduated from the Antoni Kenar High School of Fine Arts in Zakopane with a major in graphic design. I am a lyricist and a singer; I also tend to do things in collaboration with other artists (e.g. at open air events), and I enjoy it a lot. Together with a group of friends from Zakopane, I organised the MA Festival for young artists, which included exhibitions, performances, interviewing guests and cooperating with Zakopane galleries.

I am studying at the Academy of Art in Szczecin at the Faculty of New Media Arts. I have chosen this course because it offers different creative possibilities, and at the moment, it is difficult for me to decide what exactly I would like to do in the future. When the lockdown caused by the pandemic started, I was the only one left in our three-person student flat. I spent about two months there. In the evenings my friends from the university would come over to make music. One of them deals with electronic music, we also had a piano, a looper, a cajoon, a ukulele and rattles – all that is needed to survive the time of lockdown and the strange solitude far from school. During that time I also made this poster, which gives a good indication of what actually went on there.


My practice involves careful observation of the world and drawing conclusions, which I can then convey by using words, graphics, film, photography, music and other artistic media. Responsible art is a very important topic for me because I want people to realise that what they do has a huge impact on their surroundings. I think art is there to publicise certain issues, which would probably be hard to achieve in any other way. Through art you can call out, draw attention, move, agitate, intrigue, sensitise, create inspiration, and bring up subjects that are worth thinking through.


Rita Müller