(Aleksandra Wałaszek, Samuel Stevens)


The Mobile Museum is a platform to show the potential of narrative – a movable frame presenting the stories of a place through the personal items of its inhabitants. The goal of the project was to reflect on history through everyday life.

The initiative started with the exchange of things infused with sentimental value by their (former) owners. Items were collected during workshops, regular meetings, at our flea market stall, and through impromptu studio visits. Each souvenir passing through the Museum was photographed, described, and archived online. The perpetual nature of exchange drives the project, with each item an offer to new storytellers for continued participation. We welcome the next stage, inviting and celebrating the collective process of creation.

In collaboration between artists Aleksandra Wałaszek and Sam Stevens, the Mobile Museum project began as a collection of important and less important things, which seasoned with specific stories, became unique. The souvenirs went out into the world, began to travel and live their own life; taking with them a piece of this place.


Rita Müller