The Solatorium and the Motyka i Słońce community garden have been operating in the Jazdów Estate since 2015, run by members of the Pracownia Dóbr Wspólnych Foundation. We are a group of people focused on gardening, as well as social and cultural activities related to this particular place located in central Warsaw. But in a broader sense we create a whole micro-community, uniting gardeners, environmental activists, educators, cultural activists, visual artists, graphic designers, musicians and social activists.

This intriguing blend means that both the garden and the cottage often become spaces for grassroots action, independent experimentation, DIY activities, picnics, exhibitions, artistic situations, recreational and regenerative activities, as well as activist and rebellious activities - a kind of community laboratory. Created collectively for many years and by many different people, Solatorium and Motyka - just like the whole Jazdów Estate - develop models of bottom-up creation of community in which everyone can be a creator, perpetrator, organiser and participant at the same time. The essence of our actions is the conviction that there are alternative models of community life within the city (and beyond), that we can make our own beautiful, creative and empathetic reality, detached from market mechanisms or national and religious contexts, living in harmony with all human and non-human beings and developing a different approach to the community, the city and the zoe that surrounds us - the world of live beings.

Apart from regular gardening meetings and making our space available to numerous initiatives and organisations, we also hold our own events, including "Bujna Warszawa" (Lush Warsaw), an initiative of Maciek Łepkowski and Michał Augustyn for community gardens, Ania Bielawska's activities (Error Bistro and Sąsiadówka Obrazowa, both devoted to freeganism) and Witek Dąbrowski and Zuza Kruk's Sitogród, a grassroots micro-residency for screen-printing artists. We also organise picnics for the Night of Museums, the Jazdów Estate Birthday Party and the Jazdów Open Festival. "Biopolis. Biocentric Estate", Witek Dąbrowski and Michał Augstyn's project, awarded 3rd place in the Futuwa competition, is also related to the estate and the hous. Currently, the group taking care of the house and garden, working largely on a voluntary basis, consists of Maciek, Patrycja (ig@patrycja_v1.jpg), Ania, Witek (ig@brat.witt), Ania ( and Michał. This extraordinary place is also co-created by Andrzej, Ania, Monika, Julia, Karolina, Marta, Natalia, Andrzej, Zuza and many other wonderful people.

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Rita Müller