She is an audiovisual artist, a graduate of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her art practice combines painting, sound art, spatial art installations and voice practice. In her works she explores the human-nature relation and the blurring line between them, as well as the narrative potential of our acoustic reality. Together with Gosia Wrzosek, she is a co-founder of the UKOJENIE collective, and with Kuba Buchner, she creates an experimental musical duo Kuzugo.


Based in Warsaw, she has had solo and group exhibitions, such as a group exhibition "Abnormalities" at Państwo Miasto (2020);  a group exhibition "Stirring" in the Asia and  Pacific Museum (2020); a solo painting exhibition "Map and other similar barriers" at Pracownia Duży Pokój (2019); "North-Middle-South" , a group exhibition with Ingrid Pajo, Claudia Torrents, Zuzanna Wołejko at the Rotational Cultural Center in Jazdów (2019), and a solo exhibition "Skadhamara" at Solarium, Warsaw (2017).

In the fall of 2019 she participated in the ART+DESIGN+SCIENCE residency, co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. In August of 2020 she was a resident in the "Enclave" program at Propaganda Gallery in Warsaw. In the same year, she was also a participant in the Zakole project in Warsaw's Wawer district organized by Krytyka Polityczna.

︎︎︎ @zuzannakofta

Rita Müller